Mabat On-Line

Using GPS technology helps you to locate practically anything, anytime, and anywhere on earth. This technology has proven to be an indispensable tool in supply chain management and logistics, helping in continuously tracking the location of transport vehicles fleet owners moving across the length and breadth of the country.

Ideally, every vehicle should be fitted with a tracking device for on-board diagnostics as the device immediately indicates if any fault is likely to occur or has actually occurred during the journey. The savings in terms of money spent on repair bills, transportation delays, depreciation of the machinery and human welfare can only be imagined.

Mabat On-Line is an integrated telematics product, used to manage fleets, which includes sophisticated on-board software and hardware technology, for real-time retrieval and harvesting of critical vehicle information and metrics associated with vehicle/driver performance. This allows customers to manage their fleets with a high degree of efficiency and cost effectiveness. This technology addresses the needs of businesses that are already highly focused on seeking cost reductions and operational efficiencies to maintain and improve operating profits.

Mabat On-Line provide you with a real time tracking of your vehicle and ensures the key vehicle data such as the number of stops, starting and stopping times, mileage, speed, idle times, routes covered, geo-fencing, fuel consumption, engine temperature, unauthorized use and security issues using GSM/GPRS real time alerts 24/7. This data helps to pinpoint problems, identify solutions, save fuel due to efficient routes, locate the driver’s position, increase efficiency and enforce safer driving. Thus, in turn, will contribute significantly to your company’s goodwill and reputation and bring more customers and higher profits. It is estimated that the installation of robust fleet management devices reduce the running and maintenance costs of a transport fleet by as much as 25%!

Proactive management of fleet vehicles is leading to improved employee efficiency, asset utilization and enhanced customer service. Mabat On-Line provides a robust set of features including the ability to manage by exception through a sophisticated user defined alert system. In addition, Mabat On-Line is integrated with the Spetrotec’s products providing customers with a comprehensive view of real-time activity of their mobile assets throughout the workday. This ensures a high degree of management control over fleet operations with an annual return on investment realized through significant cost reductions across a fleet and revenue generation opportunities that are impossible without automated real-time information flow from the field.


• Increase productivity 10%-40%
• Lower insurance costs 5%-20%
• Eliminate time theft by effectively monitoring your employees
• Improve customer service
• Increase number of service/delivery calls per day
• Create detailed, accurate reports of deliveries/service calls
• Eliminate after-hours and weekend usage of company vehicles
• Eliminate excessive speeding, reducing wear and tear on vehicles and lowering risk of accidents
• Track all service calls for accurate billing
• Immediately locate and dispatch vehicles
• Resolve customer disputes
• Verify payroll
• Ensure proof of service
• Eliminate side jobs
• Verify arrival and departure times
• Reduce vehicle operating expenseseliminate unnecessary vehicle use

Mabat On-Line contains a powerful combination of the most advanced GPS vehicle tracking features available. The software’s intelligent reporting provides the most accurate and complete vehicle location and activity history for every vehicle in your fleet.

Highlighted features in the Mabat On-Line GPS vehicle tracking solution includes:
• Real time alerts and notifications
• Advanced management reports
• Comprehensive range of solutions

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