About us

Spetrotec is an environment conscious company thriving for a modern automotive future that augments driver’s safety and security and enhances the driving experience. As a telematics supplier with more than 25 years of experience we design, produce and supply products and systems for vehicles that are green, safe, reliable and cost effective, all in house and under one roof.


Spetrotec applies best in class design methods and comply with strict quality standards in its three fields of expertise:Telematics Systems and Vehicle Security and OEM & ODM products and solutions.

Telematics Systems comprise of some product lines, In-vehicle wireless devices and control center application and smartphone aplication. Customers use our systems in providing a wide range of services such as stolen vehicle recovery, motor insurance telematics, remote vehicle diagnostics and fleet and asset management.

Vehicle Security is the company’s traditional field of expertise. This wide range of products comprises of anti theft systems, smart driver verification solutions, collision detectors and fuel sensors. The Vehicle Security products are modular and can be fitted to a wide range of vehicles and approved by insurance companies all over the globe.

OEM and ODM services –We leveraged our in house development and manufacturing knowledge, industry certified processes and facilities to work jointly with vehicle and motorcycle manufacturers in supplying a wide products portfolio including active and passive security systems as well as next-generation solutions.

Driven by our ambition for a secure and safe driving environment free of accidents and dangers, we have always set high standards and we are convinced that quality, innovations and service are and always will be the essence of our existent. With this in mind Spetrotec has built up its credibility over the years as an ideal partner to do business with.