Wireless Cut Off Unit

The Leech is a two-way wireless cut off unit that operates via Spetrotec Company’s internal communication protocol with the i-watcher, at 2.4 GHz frequency

The wireless miniature Leech is unobtrusive electric engine cut unit that can be install in the vehicle in such a way that it looks like an original part of the vehicle

The Leech is an intelligent engine blocker, smart cut off unit. The Leech built from main unit and cut relay integrated with the i-watcher 

Between the leech and the I-watcher, there is continuously communication, the Leech will operate the cut off the engine If the communication has been stopped or by control center request



  • Enables to control the Leech in real time, by the control center request
  • Designed in a unique shape and size that is very difficult to find itBlocked engine immediately in case of theft attempt (by control center request or by lost communication with the I-watcher)
  • Characterized by low power consumption