Wialon is a popular GPS tracking platform, used by service providers all over the world. Enables end-user businesses across many different vertical markets to track over 1,400,000 assets combined, across 130 countries. Wialon provides all the necessary tools for telematics business: flexible billing system, embedded cartographic server, personal interface design and etc. End users will duly appreciate powerful functional capabilities of the system: creating unique reports, plotting the best routes (delivery services, driver’s behavior evaluation), as well as using different additional apps without the need to install them.

3Dtracking is a global telematics platform, providing a highly modular system that, when combined with integration of the full Spetrotec product line, offers functionality such as advanced driver behavior monitoring and scoring, fleet scheduling and schedule optimization, CanBUS and tachograph integration. In addition, TSP-focused solution offers full end-client control, unlimited history, complete white labeling and real-time, multi-language support.


Navixy develops software solutions for M2M service providers. Since 2005, the company has offered all-in-one software product designed for professional use and heavy load. It can be either installed on customer’s server hardware or provided as a cloud service. Today more than 500 service providers across the world exploit the solution. Navixy continues developing the product to meet the needs of the modern world.


GpsGate AB is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and develops the GpsGate Server, an innovative software solution for web-based GPS tracking. GpsGate Server is easy to install and can run on the user's server behind his firewall.

Avantern Telematica

AVANTERN is the federal provider of telematics services in Russia since 2004. Introduction of advanced solutions of GLONASS and GPS monitoring, management of road transport. Software development APPS for monitoring system Wialon. Solutions for effective monitoring of container traffic. A Russia network of service partners in 200 cities. Own an on-line monitoring center 24/7.