Wialon is a popular GPS tracking platform, used by service providers all over the world. Enables end-user businesses across many different vertical markets to track over 1,400,000 assets combined, across 130 countries. Wialon provides all the necessary tools for telematics business: flexible billing system, embedded cartographic server, personal interface design and etc. End users will duly appreciate powerful functional capabilities of the system: creating unique reports, plotting the best routes (delivery services, driver’s behavior evaluation), as well as using different additional apps without the need to install them.

3dtracking is a telematics software provider for fleet & asset management, vehicle tracking and security, fuel monitoring, remote vehicle diagnostics and resource scheduling (including planning, monitoring and reporting). Through our global partner network, 3dtracking monitors over 100,000 connected devices across 45 countries worldwide. The 3dtracking platform supports the full Spetrotec product line, ranging from simple track-and-trace through to complex fleet services (including CANbus).


GpsGate AB con sede en Estocolmo, Suecia, que desarrolla el GpsGate Server, solución innovadora de software para el seguimiento por GPS basado en web. GpsGate Server es fácil de instalar y puede ejecutarse en el servidor del usuario detrás de su firewall.


Navixy desarrolla soluciones de software para proveedores de servicios M2M. La compañía ofrece software “todo en uno”, diseñado para uso profesional e intensivo. Puede instalarse en el servidor del cliente o proporcionarse como un servicio en la nube. En la actualidad, más de 500 proveedores de servicios en todo el mundo utilizan la solución de Navixy.