i-Watcher® AVL With Garmin FMI Support  is a versatile and cost-effective GSM/GPS cellular monitoring unit which provides Online
tracking capabilities for cars, trucks and motorbikes.

Utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS) to lock on vehicles coordinates and use the GSM cellular
network for controlling and monitoring the vehicle status by SMS and GPRS communication channels.
Also support the Garmin FMI protocol as a solution provider.

The i-watcher integrated with Garmin navigation devices to provide customers a full featured navigation
communication and tracking solution and an easy-to-use touch screen user interface.
Provides communication between control center and the Garmin user.

Provides essential features applicable for most Automated Vehicle Locating (AVL) solutions, such as tracking
and retrieval of stolen vehicles, fleet management and other emergency and security applications, Send
routes to the driver, Receive directions audibly and visually, communicate with drivers via SMS.

Designed to meet strict automotive standards for durability, power consumption and working temperatures
i-Watcher® AVL supports a wide variety of reports including emergency, geo-fence, Speed, Tilt, Tow, low
battery, battery cut-off , Ignition status(on/off), Vehicle status (driving, parking) and scheduled GPS position.


  •  Enables to locate your vehicle in real time on On-Line Map.
  •  Offers Fleet Management and Control Application (MABAT On-Line).
  •  Provides alerts on speeding, Towing, Tilt, low battery and cut-off battery.
  •  Prevent ignition back in case of theft attempt (by control center request).
  •  Characterized by low power consumption, long standby time with internal battery.
  •  Incorporates multiple I/O interfaces for monitoring and control.
  •  Alerts dispatch up to 3 Cellular Phones.
  •  FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) update capability.
  •  Panic Alert feature.

Garmin FMI protocol Benefits:

  • Send address for or updated next stop to each driver
  •  Receive turn-by-turn directions both audibly and visually
  •  Instantly communicate with drivers
  •  Driver can send messages and responses
  •  Driver can send status
  •  Add a stop name to a dispatched address
  • Driver can enter “activities” that will show up in GPS Insight reports

Product Description