The smart lock was developed to change the current situation – through the use of the i-Watcher® LOCK, which incorporates the most advanced technology, it is not only possible to lock the property, but also to inform the owner of the property about break-in attempts.

The smart lock provides physical locking of the property and sends real-time alerts, through SMS or data communications, directly to the application or the computer. Alerts include location and reason for the alert, such as burglary attempt, opening, locking, etc.

The i-Watcher® Lock is the ultimate solution for protecting, tracking, and controlling properties. Developed for logistics and security purposes, for a variety of uses: containers, gates, warehouses and shops, motorcycles, remote sites such as cellular sites, heavy equipment and trailers.

With smart algorithms and innovative technology, the lock can be operated for a long period of time without the need to recharge or replace the batteries – up to 3 years or a transmission of about 1,200 alerts.

In addition, the lock has a unique locking mechanism, designed by one of the leading companies in the field especially for the i-Watcher® Lock.

Lock’s dimensions (without shackle and key):
length: 102 mm, width: 78 mm, height: 52 mm
There are two shackle sizes: 50 mm or 100 mm.
The i-Watcher LOCK weights 823 gr (without batteries) and 873 gr (with batteries).


i-Watcher Lock Advantages:

  • Security and monitoring over a long period of time, without charging or replacing batteries
  • Real-time alerts to the mobile phone
  • Reception of accurate location in each alarm
  • Quality locking mechanism
  • Suitable for harsh environmental conditions
  • Convenient and user friendly


i-Watcher Lock Case Features:

  • Physical locking of the asset
  • Detachable hook that separates completely from the lock – Easy & convenient to attach and remove the lock
  • Advanced design case – Designed for harsh outdoor conditions
  • The system includes an internal sensor – This sensor will alert you if the package opens illegally


i-Watcher Lock Uses:

  • Containers
  • Gates
  • Warehouses
  • Cellular sites
  • Heavy / Expensive equipment
  • Trailers
  • Motorbikes
  • Bicycles
  • Portable assets


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